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         Respect....               Dignity....               Honor....

These three words have guided our approach to serving area families since Preble Memory Gardens opened in 1969. By providing well-maintained grounds; attractive landscaping; affordable, reasonable costs; and knowledgeable, friendly staff; we continue to incorporate these principals into our day to day practice.   

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Memorialzation as Unique as your Life 

 When Chief Crazy Horse was asked where his home was, he replied, " My land is where my people are buried."Have you ever just wandered the grounds of a cemetery...looking at names, dates and inscriptions...wondering about the stories of those buried there? Cemeteries are unique and special places. Some are very old. Some, not so old. Beneath the soil of every cemetery are the stories of generations past and present. Some live to a very old age; and some who were given little or no chance at life. There are stories of struggle, hardship, tragedy. There are stories of love, joy and triumph. Each grave, old or new, is the story of a life....a life that mattered.....a life that had an impact on the people and the world around them.A cemetery is a place we can go to remember and connect with the past. It's a place where memories flood our souls and where we connect with our heritage and find a sense of belonging. 

                                                    A cemetery is a sacred place.